HUT PMI to Deliver 71 Generation Care

MAKASSAR, METROTIMUR– Care In the 71 anniversary of the PMI, which was attended by students accompanied by parents, Chairman of PMI Makassar, DR Syamsu Rizal MI, said the importance of recognizing the characters within each child to develop their learning ability, so as to give birth to a child gorgeous, handsome, intelligent, and caring.

“Every child has a different intelligence so that parents, teachers, certainly need to recognize the character of their students, because intelligence is not only in terms of academic, but also a financial intelligence, the intelligence of the character and also the social intelligence,” he said, Sunday (25/9 / 16)

In the 71 th Anniversary, the Chairman of the organizing committee, Abdul Gafur, revealed the local dance competitions and also the story of humanity is one of a series of activities of various other humanitarian activities such as clean mosques and mass sunnatan.

“This activity is also expected to be a healthy competition for the children, to give birth to a generation that cares, PMI devoted to humanity from generation to generation,” he added.

In addition to local dance competitions, PMI 71 anniversary events held Panakukang Mall is also coupled with a blood donation in collaboration with the timezone. (*)

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