Makassar Mayor Danny Pomanto Receive Award as Best Regional Head In Indonesia

Photos Makassar Mayor Ir.H.Moh Ramdhan "Danny" Pomanto

JAKARTA, METROTIMUR.COM – Mayor of Makassar, Moh Ramdhan “Danny” Pomanto again received an award as the Best Regional Head in Indonesia. The award was received in the event Appreciation Night Tempo Options Regional Head, 2017, at the Grand Sahid, Jakarta, Friday (02/03/2017).

“Thank God we were able to get this award, thank you for this trust,” Danny said when asked to bring a speech at the event.

On the occasion, Danny explained that he applied program in the city of Makassar, which made him often rewarded the award for innovative regional head.

Among health care for 24 hours, the Home Care program or Dottorota integrated with the Smart City program. The program is supported by a system of Call Center 112 emergency services, to make citizens more easily in getting services.

“We can call 112 for medical services, can also other services such as fallen trees or about the trash, substantially all of the emergency services will be responded to quickly,” said Danny.

Danny explains, free health care program Home Care now serves approximately 5,000 people sick. He acknowledged some of these programs is not easily accepted in society.

“Building trust in Makassar indeed not easy, but we are always innovating and trying to get people touched her heart, yes starting from the alley or hallway we planned flagship programs,” he explained.

In addition to health care programs and Smart City Programme Garden hallways and hallways Enterprises (Bulo), also received national attention. Given Bulo program can improve people’s lives, because residents can take advantage of home gardens for planting.

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“First we planted chilies en masse, the result will be purchased by koorporate. So our citizens can feel the results later,” he continued.

While the MTR ( Makassar Tidak Rantasa) program, making the city nicknamed the Mammiri Anging is successfully won two consecutive awards Adipura years 2015-2016. Moreover, MTR program is also integrated with waste management program.
Choice selection of regional heads of appreciation was presented by the Secretary General of the Ministry of the Interior, Yuswandi Tomonggong. She said that this award will motivate other regions to contribute to the achievement.

“We always encourage other regions to innovate for the betterment of society,” he hoped.

Tempo known Appreciation Awards Regional Head of options awarded 16 regional head. Among others, Mayor Danny Pomanto Makassar, Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil, Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini, Bantaeng Regent Nurdin Abdullah, Yansen Tipa Padang Malinau Regent, Regent of Kulon Progo, Hasto Ward, Regent Tapin, Arifin Arpan. (Icca)

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