Manggala District Ready to Enliven Makassar International Eight Festival and Forum

MAKASSAR – The spirit of preparations to welcome the prestigious event, Makassar International Eight Festival and Forum (F8), is increasingly felt in Manggala District.

The Sub-district Head of Manggala, Andi Anshar AP, held a relaxed yet meaningful coordination meeting with all the village heads and LPM (Local Community Council) representatives from Manggala District on Sunday (20/08/2023).

In the warm ambiance of the Manggala District hall, Sub-district Head Andi Anshar AP conveyed the importance of preparing Manggala District’s participation in the F8 event.

During the ongoing discussion, various topics were covered, ranging from promoting the F8 event to the community, to providing information about the captivating attractions that will be presented at the opening of F8 at the Losari Beach Pavilion, Penghibur Street, Makassar.

Not only from within the country, but the F8 event will also be attended by representatives from 11 countries and 5 ASEAN countries who will participate by bringing renowned fashion designers.

This serves as a source of pride for the residents of Makassar and its surroundings to witness unique creations from various diverse cultures.

In the meeting, Sub-district Head Andi Anshar AP also emphasized the importance of socializing the event’s ticketing to the local community.

One of the steps taken is to provide a 50% discount on each ticket by exchanging 2 used plastic bottles.

This is a tangible effort to support the plastic waste reduction program and also provide an opportunity for residents to experience the beauty of the F8 event.

“We remind all residents to bring at least 2 used plastic bottles to get a 50% discount on the ticket price. This small step has a significant impact on the environment and also adds vibrancy to the F8 event,” Sub-district Head Andi Anshar AP stated enthusiastically.

The enthusiasm of the residents of Manggala District in supporting the preparations for the F8 event is strongly felt, and as the event date approaches, the enthusiasm to make this international event a success becomes even stronger.

Manggala District is ready to be part of the glittering F8 and contribute to showcasing the best aspects of Makassar to the world.

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